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If you have been to Careyes with us and would like to add your testimonial, please email it to us at  Thank you.


I absolutely loved the retreat in Careyes that you gifted us with. It was life changing and one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I had no idea the retreat would be filled with so much joy, fun, deep inner growth, reflection, friendship, beauty and love. Magic happens when we are open to receiving it as you said it would and it certainly happened in Careyes.


I am truly a changed women and feel a sense of contentment and peace as I get back into my life here at home. You've given us so much to reflect on, as well as, tools to help us find the true meaning of happiness and a good life. I realize how much what we think and feel can impact others and the world around us. (More...)




I want to give you my heartfelt thanks for an amazing experience at your yoga retreat in Careyes.  I’m not sure how you did it but the week managed to be relaxing yet strengthening, fun yet spiritual.


Careyes itself was absolutely spectacular.  It is a bit of heaven nestled in a rocky cove looking out to the Pacific Ocean.  I loved the dining and living space overlooking the infinity pool and the ocean beyond with no wall to come between the open space and a breathtaking view. (More...)


Careyes is amazing. Wild, exclusive, magical, peaceful and raw.  The place and our house exceeded my expectations.  I felt like I was in Italy almost - the villas are beautiful, the area clean and nice, and the food amazing. The water was warm and clean. The sand beaches perfect. For the first four days, I relaxed into delicious, deep rest and sleep.  The staff met every need, each meal was fresh, delicious and satisfying. Every afternoon there was beach time. Laura's afternoon restorative classes in the late afternoons before dinner was perfect. We all zoned into deep relaxation in the poses and with the props each afternoon. The yoga studio itself is amazing - surrounded by butterflies, in the banana tree grove, and looking into deep, green, lush forest. Laura kept a balance with our needs between scheduling fun outings to see the area, and wonderful yoga sessions.  (More...)



I am a Yoga Instructor and although I’ve known of Laura for many years, it was just recently that I had the opportunity to take a workshop with her.  From that moment, I knew I was in the presence of something extraordinarily special.  I was so positively impacted by her teachings that I signed up for her retreat in Careyes, Mexico, taking place four weeks later.  Laura completely embodies what yoga is:  Grace, Joy, Art and Devotion.  Her teachings are precise and clear, positive and life affirming.  Her themes are spiritual yet relatable to the human experience.  After each class, I am entirely nourished; body, mind, heart, and I continue to contemplate what I’ve learned, physically and spiritually long after I’ve left.  No matter the size of the class, Laura connects and engages fully with each student.  Careyes was an amazing experience, building community and friendships in an awe-inspiring environment of exquisite beauty and serenity.  But, I would happily study yoga with Laura anywhere, as she has enriched and enlivened my yoga practice, teachings and my life.  She is a gift and it is truly a blessing to be able to receive her radiant light, and, therefore, to acknowledge my own light.  So much Gratitude and Love Always!!!


Laura attracts an amazing, generous, fun community wherever she is teaching, there are smiles, excitement and love in the room, she has a gift to bring the best out in people. The retreat was an experience to let our lights shine, uncloak the heart fully and get in there with ourselves and when that happens with 13 women there is one awesome party happening. The combination of Careyes’ natural magical and healing energy and Laura´s unwavering devotion and support to her students you definitely feel loved and nurtured and having that for 7 days is bliss.


What a phenomenal experience! You have a brilliant energy and spirit that made an awesome place like Careyes even more magical. Every detail…yoga, logistics, people, food, activities…it was all thought of and it all exceeded expectations. THANK YOU for an experience that will hold in my life and in my marriage forever. All my best 


Whenever I have spent time with you, it has been a delight! Thank you for all of the talks, encouragement, nurturing, and all of your loving kindness. That's what brought me to yoga and to Careyes. How wonderful it is that we get to come here and just be together! When my mind and body were so tired and in need of nourishment, Careyes came. Opening myself up to all the beauty of this place felt like overwhelming comfort -- deep and all sustaining. I was put in a place where I could heal and rejuvenate. This place makes you crave life deeper. The yoga recomitted me to hopefulness and enthusiasm. Thank you dear friend for sharing your loving heart with us, for serving us so graciously, and for being your amazing self!


I wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed the retreat and what it meant to me. I had no idea really what I was in store for, Careyes being my first vacation of this nature. I assumed it was going to be mostly fun in the sun style with some yoga thrown in for physical benefit. In fact, during the week in Mexico, that is mostly how I felt. While I was there, I was just beginning to become aware that I was changing; my mood was improving and the way I interacted with other people was benefiting. It wasn't until after I got home that it occurred to me that six days of heart opening exercises-physical and spiritual-really changes one's outlook. For me, the whole retreat was a life-affirming, emotionally-uplifting experience, and I am still riding that wave. So, specifically, I wanted to thank you for coming into my life, having your brand of yoga be so immediately accessible, and running a retreat that was so approachable, enjoyable and clandestinely life changing.


I wanted to come to Laura's retreat in Careyes because I had heard how beautiful the place was and I had done the Immersion with her.  Now that I have been to Careyes, I can say the place is magic but my heart and body have been re-energized and opened by Laura's gentle but strong teaching.  Loved it!! 


Laura’s retreats are not just about practicing Yoga, they are an opportunity to be bathed in the energy, passion and love that she brings to her practice as a teacher.



The Careyes Retreat Experience was exceptional. Down to the breathtaking beauty, amazing service, and Laura's sri-filled teaching. I have been fully rejuvenated and inspired. I am so excited to take this radiant energy home and share it with the world!


Laura did an amazing job planning and executing this retreat. Some of you already know how dedicated she is to yoga, but having spent 2 weeks with her in Careyes and seeing how she prepared daily and was continually wanting to provide each of us with a meaningful and enjoyable experience both in the studio and at our villas was inspiring, - I understood that her deepest dedication is to her students. I know I’m one among many that hold Laura in their heart and in high regard. She has a gift for giving much attention to the science and technique of yoga, opening her heart to all and honoring community and all the meanwhile, wishing she could do more. In my estimation, Laura embodies the 3 A’s like nobody’s business. 


In the presence of Laura, I can't help feel filled with love, inspiration, happiness, knowledge, and passion for life. To have this experience in such a magical place as Careyes has been a true gift. I love you Laura. I love you Careyes. 


Truly a buoyant spiritual experience. Working with Laura and her detailed instructions, supportive manner and playful nature physically transformed me. By the end of the retreat I carried myself in a new, easeful, painfree way. From the moment we arrived, Careyes embraced us with its warmth and style. Each day the yoga carried us to a new place in our minds and bodies. Our group flowed really well together and leaving was probably the biggest challenge of the week. I can't wait to come back again! Thanks Laura for such a special week.


I got to learn what "Inner Body Bright" means, both physically and emotionally, from Laura, who is a master of infecting everyone around her with an endless supply of positive energy! The week has been filled with a wealth of technical knowledge, philosophy and community all set in a truly magical location that is Careyes. I want to thank Laura for all the energy she poured into making this a truly magical experience. I hope to be back next year.


I am so grateful to Laura for finding this magical place. Practicing yoga in such a healing space has been a wonderful experience. She is such a gifted individual who shines through the teachings of yoga. We have been blessed by her support, guidance and knowledge this week. Thank you Laura for teaching from your heart and showing us the way to shine brighter!


What a blessing to spend a week with Laura improving poses, making new friends, learning new poses, and basking in the splendor that is Careyes! I feel inspired! Thank you. Thank you.


Laura is a wonderful teacher.  What I like foremost about her classes is that she combines that she uses positive reinforcement while maintaining complete rigor and challenge of the practice.  She’s true to spiritual aspects of yoga, while providing overly thorough and intense physical exercise routine.  She seems very knowledgeable about the human body and about the practice; her instructions are clear and helpful.  In addition, she is a very advanced yogi herself and watching her demonstrate a pose is inspiring as well as instructive.  Laura is also a very warm and friendly person and creates a great atmosphere in her class.  I felt that the retreat at Careyes was particularly helpful tome.  The program was very well designed on spiritual, intellectual and physical levels.  The retreat environment allowed the classes to proceed at a pace that was both physically challenging and allowing for thorough exploration.  The classes very successfully built up on each other and I was able to maintain mindful of recent lessons while exploring further.  I feel like I made a very large progress in my practice and I would recommend Laura to anybody who is committed to challenge and exploration.  Thank you Laura!



Laura took each of us into her heart and with a special blend of challenging and nurturing, gave us all wonderful instruction and support. She truly shines her light on eveyone around her. I came to the retreat a bit worried about an upper back problem, and was amazed that by paying attention to Laura's instruction on alignment, I experienced a week of pain-free, intense yoga. Now I am bringing that guidance into my yoga practice back home. I am so grateful for that. And Careyes, oh my how beautiful it is! 


Life always seems to plop yoga in my life at the most auspicious and appropriate of times. I could not imagine spending my spring break with a more amazing group of women - let alone, in a more amazing place. The studio, the food, the light, the staff, the teacher... I am convinced that there simply cannot be a teacher more approachable, more passionate, more inspiring, more real, more shri(!!!) than Laura. I am grateful to have her in my life, in general - but to spend a week with her in a place so magnificent...words could never do justice! Literally, the most healing and restorative week I can remember. 


The magic and beauty that we've shared there really stayed with me, and it gives me a sense of sweetness and strength that is all permeating and helps me 'float' even when things are less than blissful. I cherish that and am so grateful that you've opened the door for me to get there.


Five whole days of yoga with Laura was such a dream! There was plenty of time to cover the basics and still plenty of time to push beyond. And what a gorgeous spot on the planet, for the yoga, for our yummy meals, and for everything in between. Each asana, each bite, each moment in Careyes was pure beauty.


Oh my gosh Laura your retreat transformed me! It was so amazing to be with you and the other women for those 6 glorious days. I now practice every morning and meditate before even looking in the direction of my computer. Thank you, thank you for all your help, love, talent and grace of being so authentic.


Laura embodies true integrity and soul, she is a true seeker and teacher who says what she means and means what she says: she walks the talk. To spend a week with such a gifted, dedicated teacher and person and with other like minded wonderful people that Laura attracts, in the idyllic and elegant setting of Careyes was just pure joy and worth every cent, and every moment. It was a chance to deepen the connection to oneself and at the same time to open and deepen a connection to others in the yoga community. Everyone there experienced an opening to Grace, like lovely flowers who suddenly come into bloom, and in that place of thankfulness to be simply alive. The bond and acknowledgment of each persons path and greatness was shining all the way home from a yoga practice fueled by intention, fun and endless supplies of superb guacamole!

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