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I signed up for this retreat after Laura came to teach a workshop in my town and I found her yoga teaching to be in depth, advanced, with clear direction, intelligent and thoughtful sequencing and integrity. I have my own business and a 3 and a 5 year old.  This means for close to 6 years I haven't had a chance to really fully rest, recharge, and take care of myself without a million other things going on and people to take care of.  The pictures she sent looked wonderful, and I signed up not knowing much about it beyond that the timing fit my schedule and I needed some beach time and rest - it was actually a 40th birthday present to myself!


Careyes - Careyes is amazing. Wild, exclusive, magical, peaceful and raw.  The place and our house exceeded my expectations.  I felt like I was in Italy almost - the villas are beautiful, the area clean and nice, and the food amazing. The water was warm and clean. The sand beaches perfect. For the first four days, I relaxed into delicious, deep rest and sleep.  The staff met every need, each meal was fresh, delicious and satisfying. Every afternoon there was beach time. Laura's afternoon restorative classes in the late afternoons before dinner was perfect. We all zoned into deep relaxation in the poses and with the props each afternoon. The yoga studio itself is amazing - surrounded by butterflies, in the banana tree grove, and looking into deep, green, lush forest. Laura kept a balance with our needs between scheduling fun outings to see the area, and wonderful yoga sessions.  


The staff at our villa was amazing.  They took care of everything, put up with all our special requests and went above and beyond being attentive and friendly.  I appreciated their attention to detail and warm presence.  I felt spoiled, in a good way.


The length of time was perfect - not too long to be away from the family, but enough to recharge.  I hold this experience in my heart with gratitude and appreciation and look forward to repeating it again.  It's an ideal retreat for mothers of young kids - if the husbands are on board!  ; ) Thank you Laura for your wonderful light presence, excitement and enthusiasm, and wonderful asana sequencing.  My body feels strong and light, and my spirit the same.  


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© 2014 by Laura Christensen


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