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I want to give you my heartfelt thanks for an amazing experience at your yoga retreat in Careyes.  I’m not sure how you did it but the week managed to be relaxing yet strengthening, fun yet spiritual.


Careyes itself was absolutely spectacular.  It is a bit of heaven nestled in a rocky cove looking out to the Pacific Ocean.  I loved the dining and living space overlooking the infinity pool and the ocean beyond with no wall to come between the open space and a breathtaking view.


The staff was there for us day and night and cooked us such delicious meals with healthy ingredients that satisfied us completely.  We had lots of good energy to swim in the ocean all afternoon, in the pool under the sky in the evening, not to mention a few hours of yoga each morning.


Your yoga classes were truly unlike any I have had.   The life perspectives you spoke about to preface the class resonated with all of us.  The specific movements you worked on with us improved my poses with no discomfort!  I felt increasingly stronger and firmer as the week went on.  And your Restorative Yoga had me meditating deeply.


Lastly I share with you how much I appreciated all the friends I made during the week.  We told stories and laughed so hard and shared life experiences that made me consider new ways of looking at life.  Everyone was so open and sincere and accepting of one another. You must draw people like this into your retreats with your own unconditional acceptance and positive way of being.  I am so grateful to have been a part of your week Laura.  I will treasure it always.


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© 2014 by Laura Christensen


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