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About Ai Kubo and Mark Silva


Known for their crystal clear instructions, generous hands-on adjustments, combined knowledge on yoga philosophy, biomechanics, and health, Mark and Ai are highly sought after yoga teachers in the Bay Area.  Mark Silva, E-RYT500, is a Yoga Teacher and Software Developer. He loves to cultivate wonder in the surrounding world, pulling us into a deeper connection with Consciousness. Ai Kubo, PhD, is a certified yoga teacher, wellness coach and a scientist. Her calm energy, presence, and unique personal styles fill up the room in a way that radiates purpose, confidence, and playfulness. Mark and Ai’s teachings are deeply influenced by: Noah Maze, Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh, Richard Rosen, and Ana Forrest.  Being parents of two girls, Mark and Ai’s teaching is often appreciated by those who have busy lives with a lot of daily responsibilities.




Reserve Before November 1, 2016 to Save $200


Rates are per person if registered before Nov. 1.


  • $1925 -$2175 for Double Occupancy

  • $1800 for Triple Occupancy (1 room only/the Suite)

  • $2400 for Double Occupacy in the Suite

  • $3450 for Single Occupancy (1 room only)

After Nov. 1, all rates above increase by $200.


Detailed room and pricing information.


Please see more travel information.



For more travel information or if you have any questions, please email or call 415-310-9784.



Careyes Yoga Retreat

with Mark Silva and Ai Kubo


February 11 - 17, 2017


Give yourself the gift of time and space to nourish your body, mind, and heart. Mark and Ai’s yoga retreats transport you out of your daily grind right into the depths of your heart. You will be immersed in the practice of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy in one of the most exquisite destinations on the planet. The aim of a retreat is to break the cycle of habit-based, stress-building daily life, and to allow the experience and evolution of your own innate potential through a more in-depth discovery of your being.  You’ll return home rejuvenated, inspired, and more able to make the choices that allow you to live with a clearer purpose.


We will indulge in two yoga classes daily: an invigorating alignment-based flow class in the morning, followed by a more meditative, restorative practice in the afternoon.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the retreat curriculum is carefully designed so that your practice will deepen progressively as the week advances.  There will be ample opportunity to swim or lounge in the world-famous infinity pools, snorkeling in the ocean, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, whale and dolphin watching, horseback riding, soaking in the Jacuzzi, reading or napping, and enjoying pleasant conversation.   As always, Mark and Ai’s retreat features delicious and abundant food in the company of like-minded people, who are fun, intelligent, and interested in applying the teachings of yoga to their everyday life. 


This will be a very special and intimate gathering limited to a maximum of 9-11 guests in an exquisite location.

Reserve your space early to ensure your spot!

Testimonials from Mark and Ai's previous retreat participants:

"Well, you were right.  It would be hard to regret going to the Elixir de Careyes.  One of the most beautiful, relaxing and luxurious places I have ever been to (and I travel extensively). Our retreat was beyond any expectations I might have had in every way -- the scenery, the rooms, the food, the service, and the wonderful yoga sessions with Mark and Ai.  It was full moon when we were there and we took advantage of that with moon viewing meditations as well as sunrise meditations.  Our group was remarkable and everyone totally enjoyed themselves." ~ V.S.


"Mark and Ai have been my teachers for a few years and have been to several retreats that they have led.  Their expertise, manner, and keen adjustments are really hard to find anywhere else.  They are a fantastic team and balance each other with great harmony and ease.  Ai and Mark take you to your edge with compassion and support.  Loved that it was well paced and the focus on the different postures and alignments was very special and something we don’t get in a weekly vinyassa class.Beautiful place and breathtaking vistas." ~ S.G.


"Favorite part was being with lovely people in a beautiful place.  I really enjoyed the community time, like cocktails on the roof deck and mealtime conversations.  I also enjoyed the partner yoga. Oh, and I loved the day we went to the castle and then the turtles and the bowl.  That was spectacular!" ~H.D.


"Careyes was stupendous, spectacular, gorgeous, et cetera! … A magical, shimmeringly gorgeous and pristine paradise that radiates with beauty and grace."


"When we were asked around the dinner table that night, why we were there, I didn’t really know that either except I could just look out and see the glassy water of the infinity pool falling into the beauty of the colorful villas and the picture perfect bay in the distance.  Then second by second and minute by minute that also stretched into infinity, I learned why I was there beginning with Mark and Ai’s teaching.  We were so fortunate to have both of them because they really complemented each other and gave us a double dose of love and yoga.  Going from one or two yoga classes a week to four hours a day of yoga was really a stretch but in the end so worth it! To say that this was paradise is not an understatement and something I felt immediately every morning when I opened my eyes and looked out our balcony and saw Careyes shimmering around me and someone from the group or a staff member already up before me.  I was so happy and happier now just thinking about it.  I’ve been on many yoga retreats and this was absolutely the best and most fun." ~ B.N.


"Great teachers. Very hands on. I liked the focus on alignment.It was fun hanging with the 1%! Beautiful gorgeous place." ~ R.W.


”Ai and Mark designed a wonderful retreat that feeds students in many ways. Classes were playful and challenging. Mark and Ai together make a great team, offering detailed instruction and hands on adjustments. The peaceful retreat setting helped me get fully get away from my normal patterns.”  ~ M.S.


“Mark and Ai bring together an eclectic mix of people who are fun, open, and interested in connecting with each other and furthering their individual practices. These teachers have put a lot of thought into the design of the retreat. I left with a better understanding of the practice of yoga, and ready to bring its benefits into the rest of my life. Their retreats have my highest recommendation, and Mark and Ai my deepest thanks.”  ~ P.L.


“Ai and Mark are impeccable team, who led us to deepen our practice, helped us breathe fully and guided us safely to open our heart again and again throughout the retreat. With gratitude,” ~ Y.K.


“What a beautiful team effort! Such clarity and intention in the planning of the retreat, as well as in the sequencing of each session. Immense attention to each of us and many layers of options for everyone’s needs.” ~ S.S.


“Ai and Mark’s retreat was just what I needed. I was able to “unplug” from my everyday routine and responsibilities as a single mom of 3. I was able to sink into perfectly guided yoga practices, eat nourishing meals (that I didn’t have to cook), and connect with beautifully spirited people.” ~ T.M.


"Ai has a wonderful flow to her practice that is unique in how it incorporates alignment based with Ashtanga like sequencing. Mark's alignment based style is both soothing and strenuous and really enjoy the pranayama and chanting and meditation. The yoga felt like it was special for us because t was a small group. I felt like I got more individual attention than normal and got to ask questions about poses that we don't get to in class which was a treat. Beyond expectations. Breathtaking scenery. Loved the view and the aesthetic. The rooms, the furniture- all excellent!" ~ B.F.

© 2014 by Laura Christensen


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